This study guide is solely the work of the author and any errors are strictly mine. While I have tried to ensure that there is a correct (or most correct) answer to each question, final interpretation of the Air Brake rules are the responsibility of the employee and the New Jersey Transit  LETP. The author assumes no responsibility for incorrect answers on the recertification test given by New Jersey Transit or it's employees. For this review, rule G is not in effect so curl up around a warm monitor, grab some chips and your TRO-4, take a sip of your favorite brew, and take a leisurely trip through the air brake review.
For this study guide I have included a copy of the answer sheet (available at the end of the guide). Let me remind you that although I have tried to cover all the material that I believe is included in the Recertification Study Guide put out by the Recertification instructors, the questions and answers included here are not necessarily those on the recertification test.

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