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34. Dear FAQ Man,
How do you explain the tragic circumstances caused by heinous corporate negligence on the part of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway; negligence that created monstrous personal and financial hardships for those living in the East Buffalo area, the forced evacuation of thousands of innocent men, women, and children to far off cities, under armed guard, for their personal safety, without their permission, a fire that consumed whole neighborhoods that surrounded the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's freight yard in East Buffalo, New York and the release of vast amounts of toxic chemical smoke so pernicious that the expanding cloud rained deadly globules of thick, oily black death on countries as far away as Russia, devastating huge amounts of land with a thick layer of poisonous residue causing the hitherto verdant countryside to remain fallow for decades after a monumentally expensive remediation has been completed and, in doing so, nearly causing a war between the United States and most of the countries in northern Europe? This blatant act of eco-terrorism on the part of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway easily explains why all freethinking citizens regard the Lackawanna Terminal Railway with contempt. This incident also clearly explains why Federal law requires that each and every locomotive and freight car owned by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway is required to be fully insured by Lloyds of London so enormous has become the risk in transportation, by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway. Your corporate fiduciary liability in the transportation of the smallest cargo has become almost incalculable. The danger inherent in the transportation of goods by this most despicable of transportation choices is made plain by the following article by the City of Buffalo Special Interest Press, Explain, if you can FAQ Man, this most callous and egregious disregard for the people and environment of the East Buffalo area in particular and the world at large.

Members of the Special Interest Press, LLC
Fire in East Buffalo Rail yard Devastates Area, Nearly Causes War with Russia

August 12, 2014 -East Buffalo, NY –COBSIP Correspondent – Harold Tribune
Fire, police, and other emergency services personnel from the greater East Buffalo area responded today to a raging conflagration at a rail yard in East Buffalo owned by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway that endangered the entire population of East Buffalo and its surrounding environs. In addition to the brave members of the East Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department and fire departments from surrounding areas, New York State National Guard units were called out to evacuate hundreds of communities threatened by roiling clouds of black smoke and towering flames that reached thousands of feet into the bright blue afternoon sky turning it almost instantly into the pitch black of night. To escape the deadly black clouds of dense smoke, thousands of families were evacuated to shelters as far away as Binghamton, NY to the south and Cleveland, Ohio to the west. Evacuees have been ordered to remain in shelter there until Department of Homeland Security authorities give the okay to return to their soot blackened homes. Officials from the Canadian Government say fire fighting forces have been marshaled on the Canadian side of their common border with the United States in case the flames should cross the Niagara River Gorge. US government Department of Evironmental Protection representatives said today that this latest catastrophe involving the Lackawanna Terminal Railway could well be of greater magnitude than the BP Gulf of Mexico spill both in terms of environmental damage and cost of cleanup (the cleanup costs of the Gulf of Mexico reached well into the billions of dollars). EPA officials assured the residents of the State of New York that many extra EPA representatives would be hired, on a permenant basis, to handle the monitoring of the remediation of the area surrounding East Buffalo. Those same government officials assured residents that the Lackawanna Terminal Railway would be made to cover these costs.

Firefighters work to save East Buffalo from corporate criminality Buffalo Newswire Photo)

Meteorologists from the weather channel in Buffalo, when contacted by this reporter, stated that, with the prevailing direction of the Jetstream, winds in the upper atmosphere could carry the rapidly ascending smoke as far east as Europe where highly toxic particles suspended in the smoke could drift down on multiple nations creating widespread areas of total devastation equal to, or greater than, that spawned by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor tragedy. Russian president Vladimir Putin has sent four battalions of Russian soldiers, including twelve missile batteries, to the Ukrainian border to help with humanitarian rescue and recovery efforts in that country. He later went on record saying that the government of the United States must be made to pay a terrible price for their complicity in this tragic event. On orders of Mr. Putin, the Russian military alert status has been raised to the American equivalent of DEFCON 2 in anticipation of further incursions of toxic clouds emanating from the United States. The Russian government has stated, for the record, that it considers these clouds to be weapons of mass destruction and will do what is necessary to protect its citizens from American adventurism.

The Chairperson of the United Nations Environmental Organization
(UNEO), Gretna Achmed Schneerson, has stated publically that she intends to call a conference of environmental experts from all over the third world to decide how to deal with the callous and ruthless policies of the United States that allow corporations under their purview to spread such destruction, ravaging those people already suffering under the capitalist's boot. Actions mentioned included economic sanctions against the United States as well as criminal charges filed at The Hague for crimes against the disenfranchised of other nations.
Sources, who refused to give their names for fear of reprisals by railroad management but identifying themselves as members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Employees union, stated that Lackawanna Terminal Railway officials delayed calling in firefighters because the fire was reported by employees who were not members of management and therefore could not be relied upon to give an accurate assessment of the incident. It was not until a member of management in charge of the yard returned from an extended lunch with his secretary that someone was sent out to verify the existence of the fire. A three hour delay was thus incurred which has been determined as the prime cause of the fire getting so far out of control and creating a real danger to thousands in the area surrounding the rail facility, and beyond. Further adding to the intensity of the fire was the explosion of several rail cars loaded with Hydro-Chloro-Floro-Neurotic Acid, a chemical that sounds really dangerous. An even greater disaster was averted when fire-fighting equipped C-130s from the New York Air National Guard, contracted to the New York State Forest Service, were diverted from a training flight in Skaneateles, NY to help extinguish the inferno. While all the aircraft made pin-point drops of thousands of gallons of pink fire suppressing foam on the spreading inferno snuffing out all but a few smoldering fires, their efforts were too late to mitigate the terrible damage that had been done. Triumph in extinguishing the fire quickly turned to tragedy, however,  as one of the specially modified fire-fighting aircraft struck an electrical power transmission tower as it was performing a victory barrel roll at low altitude and crashed into the Niagara River. The plane and crew sank into the murky depths while firefighters on the ground cheered at the exciting, and pyrotechnic, aerobatic display.
Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board, flown in from Washington, DC, after having searched through the scene of devastation, have determined that the fire eminated from an electrical cabinet located between the controling cab and engine compartment of a locomotive manufactured by the General Electric Corporation known locally as a U-25B. Anonymous sources have indicated that employees of the railroad have begged company officials to take that engine out of service due to the many electrical problems and mechanical complaints written up on that particular locomotive. Those same anonymous sources claim that poor maintenance and managerial indifference are rampant in the East Buffalo area and predict that more devestating incidents will occur as a result of continuing managerial malfeasance.
At the writing of this article Lackawanna Terminal Railway officials could not be reached for comment.

Dear Members of the Special Interest Press, LLC
The fire, of which you speak, was, indeed, the cause of much inconvenience in the East Buffalo area. That goes without saying. But, in the defense of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway, the tragic events surrounding the fire were not, under any circumstances, the fault of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway or any of its employees. In fact, if not for the dedicated members of the Lackawanna Terminal Management Team, the damage would certainly have been much greater as you will discover as you read the following: 
After many months of continuous investigation and detailed scrutiny of the facts by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Department of Criminal Investigation commanded by our lead investigatory expert, Lt. Marcus Sade, and, with the full cooperation of the US military, CIA, NSA, and other far more secretive information sources, it has been determined that just prior to the time the fire in the East Buffalo rail yard of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway was initiated multiple aircraft were seen entering US airspace near the Canadian border. These aircraft, while painted in radar return diminishing paint showing the markings of a widely know humanitarian organization which will not be named. These aircraft bore a striking resemblance to aircraft formerly in the employ of military forces of the now defunct Soviet Union. It has been determined, through paperwork uncovered during covert incursions into countries which we are not now, nor will ever be, permitted to divulge, and the continuous and sometimes extremely intense questioning of witnesses to, and participants in, this nefarious plot, that rogue organizations within the now defunct Soviet Union put into operation a plan, formulated during the Cold War, to create a hostile confrontation that would justify a retaliatory strike by the nuclear rocket forces of the Soviet Union upon the United States and her allies. 
This plan, through its implementation, would sow seeds of diminishing credibility as to the peaceful nature of the government of the United States by creating a state of affairs, apparently initiated by the United States against the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries, so devastating that the world would applaud a Soviet Union's nuclear strike against the United States in retaliation. 
Up until the time of the fire, however, there was no way to create such an incident that would justify a retaliatory strike with nuclear tipped missiles. Then came the development of Hydo-chloro-flouro-neurotic acid by the chemists at National Chemical and Refining, a major customer of the Lackawanna Terminal Railway. While this frighteningly named chemical is used only in eye drops for infants, in its most concentrated state, is easily destructive enough to create the scenario called for in the above-mentioned international incident. Needless to say, those aircraft identified as belonging to the forces of the former Soviet Air Force were tracked across Canada to a spot over East Buffalo where the aircraft ejected laser guided devices directly onto tank cars containing full loads of Hydro-Chloro-Flouro-Neurotic acid with the observed results. The aircraft then were detected by a secret US reconnaissance satellite, reversing course back across Canada and into Russian airspace where another satellite detected the aircraft landing on a secret military air base near the Artic circle. The uncovering of this diabolical plot and its connection to the leadership of Russian Air Force and their staff officers, while too late to avert the enormous damaged caused, foiled their attempt to create an international incident with the result that the Russia military leadership has been forced into exile in a very cold area in eastern Russia. The Russian government, under the direction of The Hague Court, has been ordered to pay all reparations regarding damages caused by the actions of this rogue group within their military.

The grateful thanks of the Lackawanna Terminal Management Team goes out to Lt. Marcus Sade and all those who participated in the investigation that saved the company unimaginable and unmanageable    cleanup costs and reparations to displaced persons. 
The Lackawanna Terminal Railway considers the matter closed at this time.

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