Physical Characteristics Study Guide
Summit to Gladstone

Disclaimer - This study guide is solely the work of the author and any errors are strictly mine. While I have tried to ensure that there is a correct (or most correct) answer to each question, final interpretation of these physical characteristics is the responsibility of the employee and the New Jersey Transit LETP locomotive instructors and Rules Department. The author assumes no responsibility for incorrect answers on the recertification test given by New Jersey Transit or their employees. For this review, rule G is not in effect so curl up around a warm monitor, grab some chips and your System Timetable No. 8, Special Instructions GO 801, sip a cup for your favorite brew and take a leisurely scroll through the Physical Characteristics Study Guide.

1. Where the higher speed listed is for passenger and the lower speed is for freight, what is the maximum authorized speed between Summit and Gladstone? 
    a. 40/25 MPH 
    b. 50/25 MPH 
    c. 5535 MPH 
    d. 60/30 MPH

2. Which of the following stations is on the south side of the tracks? 
    a. Gladstone 
    b. Millington 
    c. Far Hills 
    d. Sterling

3. What rules are in effect between Summit and Gladstone? 
    a. ABS, 251, CSS 
    b. ABS, 261, CSS 
    c. ABS, 261 
    d. ABS, 261

4. What is the maximum speed between MP 25.5 and 25.8 (curve through Berkley Heights station)? 
    a. 35/30 MPH 
    b. 45/25 MPH 
    c. 50/30 MPH 
    d. 60/30 MPH

5. When stopping at Berkley Heights Station what must trains do? 
    a. Clear the crossing circuit for Plainfield Ave. 
    b. Block the crossing at Plainfield Ave. 
    c. Stop short of the crossing at Plainfield Ave. 
    d. Disregard the crossing at Plainfield Ave.

6. At which of the following station do trains normally receive and discharge passengers across a track to the station? 
    a. New Providence 
    b. Murray Hill 
    c. Millington 
    d. Peapack

7. The phase Gap on the Gladstone line is at what milepost? 
    a. MP 22 
    b. MP 27 
    c. MP 29 
    d. MP42

8. What is the speed limit in Gladstone Yard? 
    a. Restricted speed, not exceeding 10 MPH 
    b. Restricted speed, not exceeding 15 MPH 
    c. 10 MPH 
    d. 15 MPH

9. For train departing Gladstone station the first measured mile is between which mile posts? 
    a. MP 39 and 40 
    b. MP 40 and 41 
    c. MP 29 and 30 
    d. MP 22 and 21

10. The catenary on the Gladstone Line is energized for what voltage? 
    a. 11,500 volts AC 
    b. 12,000 volts AC 
    c.  25,000 volts AC 
    d. 3000 volts DC

11. What is the speed on the Gladstone station track? 
    a. 10 MPH 
    b. 15 MPH 
    c. Restricted speed, not exceeding 10 MPH 
    d. Restricted speed, not exceeding 15 MPH

12. The track west of East Gladstone is designated a: 
    a. Main track 
    b. Station Track 
    c. Yard Track 
    d. None of the above

13. What is the speed restriction between MP 30.9 and MP 32 (Lyons siding) 
    a. 30 MPH 
    b. 45 MPH 
    c. 50 MPH 
    d. 60 MPH

Physical Characteristics Study Guide
The Gladstone Line

1. d. (60/30 MPH)

2. c. (Far Hills)

3. b. (ABS, 261, CSS)

4. c. (50/30 MPH)

5. a. (Clear the crossing circuit for Plainfield Ave.)

6. b. (Murray Hill)

7. c. (MP 29)

8. a. (Restricted speed, not exceeding 10 MPH)

9. b. (MP 40 and 41)

10. c.  (25,000 volts AC)

11. c. (Restricted speed, not exceeding 10 MPH)

12. b. Station Track

13. c. 50 MPH

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