SP SD-45

Southern Pacific locomotive 8832 in the Scranton Shops

Southern Pacific SD-45 8832 sits next to an ex-New Jersey Transit U-34CH while it waits for the shop forces to inspect and repair an electrical problem that crippled the engine on arrival at East Buffalo Junction. A certain mystery surrounds the defect as the engine had no reported problems before it was interchanged to the Lackawanna Terminal Railway. Rules established between carriers allows one carrier to repair another's equipment should defects be found that would not allow the engine or car to continue safely. A pre-established fee for such repairs will be submitted for payment upon completion of repairs and the engine or car resumes its trip. The Lackawanna Terminal Railway mechanical department considers this repair agreement to be a calling to which it readily answers much to the delight of the accounting department.

The GE U-34CH is owned by a wealthy private individual and is maintained in operating condition by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway under contract.

(Locomotive detailing by Mike Rudinsky. Weathering. All photos by Scott Lupia)

Southern Pacific SD-45 8832 rests between trains in the Scranton Locomotive shops after a breakdown caused the Lackawanna Terminal Railway to substitute motive power to complete the trip to Croxton and Portside Intermodal Terminal in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. When the westbound counterpart arrives in Scranton the 8832 and her sisters will be ready to take the train back to Los Angeles where their trip began.

Electrical repairs are complete and the 8832 is waiting out the night ready once again for the road. The Lackawanna Terminal Railway's Accounting Associates have billed the Southern Pacific for two new traction motors and various parts needed to replace them plus labor. The replaced traction motors have been degreased, repainted, and reinstalled in the 8832 while the two new traction motors billed to the SP have been placed in a Lackawanna Terminal Railway engine that was in dire need and stored waiting for the proper billing to be completed.

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