Conrail transfer freight enters East Buffalo Junction
(Engines painted by Joe Kopin)

Conrail C30-7A 6607 enters East Buffalo Junction with a transfer freight of general merchandise for forwarding by the Lackawanna Terminal Railway to Croxton yard in Secaucus, New Jersey. Some cars in this train will be switched out for local delivery. A mix of three ex-Conrail, ex-Reading and ex-Penn Central SW-1500 locomotives wait on the spot track for the Conrail freight to clear into the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's East Buffalo Yard. The Lackawanna Terminal engines will then proceed west to pick up cars being held by the Norfolk Southern for relay back to the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's East Buffalo Yard for classification and delivery east to local customers like the National Chemical and Refining Company, Stradivarius Steel, or on to customers in New Jersey.

(Engines painted by Joe Kopin)

Shades of things to come. Foreshadowing a distant merger Conrail C30-7 6590 trailing a Norfolk Southern C30-7 8006 heads west from the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's East Buffalo yard back to home rails with interchange freight for points west. This equipment arrived earlier this same morning with eastbound interchange freight and, as is the custom on the Lackawanna Terminal Railway, the Yardmaster took the crew for a leisurely breakfast while the Lackawanna Terminal Railway's yard crews, ever on the lookout for ways to save the company money, "Borrowed" the two engines to drill in the yard and deliver local freight using Conrail's engine time and fuel. This saved the Lackawanna Terminal Railway considerable money and increased the profit shares for the East Buffalo cost center members.

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